Apparently, are tired of APC/PDP leadership

None of these parties above has done significant things for the betterment of the nation.

They keep giving us fake hope and tweaking our love for this country. Nigeria is our motherland, it seems the phrase is not for the masses.

Even if we are bastards, ironically I meant if Nigeria is not our mother like we have no parent, there should be a pity for us from those are the real children (the ).

The oppression is too much and it’s unbearable, they just up and decide to set new laws and sign bills as if they are ruling animals. Even Lion doesn’t rule the Jungle like that.

Anyway, I have nothing to do about it. Who am I to fight for 200million people? But your vote can fight for you.

We have so many parties in Nigeria, I hope you know that?

For This 2023 Election, Which Party Would You Vote In?

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