Shall we?🤷

Arise, O compatriots Nigeria’s call obey to serve our fatherland with love and strength and faith. The labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain, to serve with heart and might one nation bound in freedom Peace and unity.

I pledge to Nigeria my country. To be faithful, loyal and honest. To serve Nigeria with all my strength. To defend her unity, and uphold her honour and glory. So help me God.

Be honest, from the way things are going in Nigeria presently, how many of you can proudly recite the national anthem? I bet nobody would.

Now see why zoo is perhaps better than NIGERIA.

1. More terror in the North, but more checkpoints in the South, East and West.

2. More insecurity in the North, but a massive military presence in the East, West and South.

3. More banditry in the North, but police focus on Igboho and IPOB.

4. Gumi can find bandits with ease, but the military can’t find them with their skills.

5. Buhari is in control of the government and the military, yet continues to blame past governments for Nigeria’s challenges.

6. When terrorists struck under Jonathan, Buhari blamed him. When they strike under Buhari, he still blames Jonathan.

No doubt,

Zoo Is Better Than Nigeria A Million Time – Banana Republic


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