Go and marry your ex instead of destroying your marriage with your current partner

It is selfish not to marry your EX, yet you want to sleep with them to ruin your marriage with infidelity, DNA issues and other crisis.

If your EX is disturbing your mind, please leave your partner, don’t marry your partner, don’t accept bride price, go and marry your EX.

How can your parents bring a list of things to buy as bride price, yet you go to sleep with your EX who paid nothing.

The funniest is, if you still give them the EX, their eye go start to chook for another one again.

Human wants are just insatiable…

How else do you explain a man saying he wants a homely and peaceful wife, he marries her, leaves her at home and goes smoking loud with a 200L girl that can’t even cook noodles?

How do you explain a woman prioritizing the capability of a partner, only to go knacking her broke EX and even doing a giveaway with her husband’s money.

I feel very few humans would have a sensible bargain in this marriage thing. I mean, get a partner that ticks like 7 out of 10, such that their wandering eyes would reduce small.

Many are caught between the partner they want and the partner society wants.

The Best Thing To Do Is To Marry Your Ex Instead Of Destroying Your Home – ?

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