This one na hoely confession oo!!

Infact, things worse than this happen everyday but for a girl to boldly confess and promise not to do it again, it means she never wanted to cheat in the first place. 😂

Yes, it could be that, you’re the one not doing it very well for her as a guy and she decided to taste your bestfriend and discovered you all are specimen of the same feather, 1 minutes una don cum.🤣

At this point, she’s got to confess and apologize to you because your own still dey reach 1mins 5secs.😂

As the saying goes, “Gbogbo wa la ma je breakfast“, and as a guy or girl if they serve you this kind of breakfast, you have to option, eat it to end the relationship or reject it by forgiving your partner and move on with the relationship.

See The Breakfast Below:-

Imagine, your partner comes to tell you this, what would be your reply.

I will be reading all comments 😂 Make una take am easy oo 👇

Baby, I Slept With Your Best Friend, I’m Sorry I Won’t Do It Again – Reply As A Partner

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