BE CAREFUL! Armed Robbers Used My Sister’s Bank Details To Collect GT Bank Loan

Days days ago, Sunday 5th September, my sister, her 4 friends and 4 other customers were robbed at an eatery in Ogunlana Drive Surulere.

Time of the day 2pm!

Most people, just like her were coming from church and having at an eatery.

The three criminals walked in, one at a time, hey, hey, surrounded everybody and took all their phones.

They went the inner room, took laptops and some money and left. They injured some people.

My sister was unlucky, her bag was on top of the table, one just casually grabbed it and walked out. No gun shots.

They took all their phones. Then my sister’s bag had two phones, 3 ATM cards money, ID cards, driving licence etc.

After the thieves, for most of them, their first time encounters, they sat there, traumatized, crying, panicky, confused etc.

They called the police, it took till 5:30 pm the police arrived, the replayed CCTV, the guys faces were seen, some other abracadabra and told they were told to come back to the station for statement the next day (Monday).

Monday morning first, she went to GTB, and she was informed that the criminals took a of 500k from her account because it was her salary account.

Unbelievable, right? YES!

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