How much do you receive calls from your partner?

Sincerely, these are issues in relationships whereby when two partners are away from each other, it’s either one partner calls more often and the other doesn’t.

There are some cases too whereby the two partners hardly call each other when they are apart. This calling thing is not easy especially when you’re a busy person.

Imagine you got arrested and the only hope of freedom you have is for your babe to call you.

In this case, your babe is not aware you’ve been arrested, if she’s the type that doesn’t call you to check on you more often, e be like say you will spend many days in detention oo.😃

So, from the knowledge of your babe’s calling habit, the question is 👇

You Got Arrested And You Won’t Be Released Till Your Babe Calls You – When Will You Be Released?

ME:- E bad as E Bad, I won’t spend 2hours there because she can call for Africa.

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