So I decided to go spend the weekend with my lovely parents and also to do something important for them this morning.

I got home and no clothes to put on, so I had to go to the store and pick out my old used clothes to wear.

So this morning, unfortunately, I woke up late for what I want to do for my parents so I couldn’t change my clothes. I just ran out of the house like that with the old rags I was putting on.

And you know all these bike people, when you are not going anywhere that’s when you go see them plenty like POS signboard and when you’re rushing somewhere you won’t see them.

That’s how I was on the road looking for bike.

Boom like play like play I just saw a black shinny Lexus cruising.

The car passed me by and boom I saw this stupid girl my ex-babe with this that was like a junior to me for then in the Lexus car and then the most shit happened.

These two fools gave me a strong stare and they both gave me that mocking smile while shaking their head.

This was so painful because my dream has always been to blow big as an artist then buy a nice range or Gwagon bring it to my parent’s house, then on my way during a rainy day when there is water in all the potholes, I pray I see the girl standing close to the pothole so I can use my car and splash water on her.

Abi how much is Lexus that I can’t buy if not for all the money have been spending on my music.

Chai body still dey pepper me since morning.

This same girl blocked me because of this music of a thing, but that is a story for another day.

Have You Ever Experienced Something Like This Before?

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