The kind mind wey some people dey get when it comes to Gambling ehn – Gamblers dey try!

We all pray our kids grow to be successful and perhaps elevate and enhance our current level of living. That’s the prayer of every parents but not by passing through crooky ways.

Picture this Scenario

Imagine, hustling day and night to get a car to help ease the stress of jumping from one bus to another, you child tells you he sold the car only to stake the whole 3 Million naira on bet with the hope he’s going to make more money to buy you a better car 😲😲😲

What if he doesn’t win nko? Omo mehn, this is a real disaster ooo.

If he wins, then that means they are rich forever and can afford to even buy better car because he will win nothing less than 500 Million Naira..

Sincerely, this is a very dicey situation.

Now, imagine your son sent you this message:-

Crazy must say.. The boy get mind sha oooo.

Guys, now over to you 👇

If Your Son Tells You This – An Angry Father That Does Not Believe In Betting

Let’s hear from you all – Best response wins.

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