The country is bleeding. #PrayFor Nigeria🙏😭

Below are just the ones reported, there are a lot unreported in Nigeria, and the government is not bothered. But they’re quick to defend Pantami, terrorism enabler.

6 killed in Ekiti on April 20th.

40 kidnapped at Greenfield University, Kaduna on April 21st.

18 kidnapped in Oyo on April 22nd.

45 killed in Zamfara on April 22nd.

83 killed in Zamfara on April 23rd.

3 killed from Greenfield University,Kaduna on April 24th.

All in a week! Who knows how many would get killed today and tomorrow under Buhari-led Government.  At this point, what could be the fate of this country? Restructuring or Division? #PrayForNIgeria

DEATH TOLL!! Total Number Of People Killed In Nigeria This Week Only – Under Buhari-led Government

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