Aisha Halilu Buhari is the First Lady of Nigeria and wife of the current President Muhammadu Buhari, who assumed office on 29 May, 2015 after FRAUDULENTLY defeating the then-incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan.

Aisha Buhari is a cosmetologist, beauty therapist and author.

Why I said Aisha Buhari is the worst First Lady Nigeria ever had? See the attached screenshot below 👇

This may be the least thing to think of now but it does mean a lot. True compassion is a significant attribute of good leadership. In all that is happening now, we have no president paying solidarity visit to affected communities and families, nor giving a national broadcast, or simply taking responsibility and acknowledging that he should do better.

We have no First Lady that identify with grieving parents and mothers. She has no feeling of nationhood and one spirit in a time like this. I have never seen a country where terror is normalised like Nigeria. I have never seen a tribe, united in terrorism like the one Nigerian government has obviously nurtured.

Only 8yrs ago, did we have a president who deeply feel and show concern for human life. Isn’t it amazing how fast things can detoriate in the hands of a wrong person?

From the look of things and the kind of leadership we have now – where nepotism and sectional governance is the structure in place, isn’t it clear that we are aiming for the worst?

Aisha Buhari Is The Worst First Lady Nigeria Ever Had! Obviously, she belongs to the kitchen and bathroom like the husband (Buhari) once said.


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