I’ve known this for a long time tho.🤐

Yesterday, one of the self-acclaimed social media spiritualist Angela Nwosu asked her followers to introduce themselves, location and marital status.

She wrote,

“Introduce yourselves. Tell us where are from, if you are single or married.

“Na for this Facebook I see husband o. I know say no be everyone go marry from social media, but a lot of people can, and will 🙂 Keep an open mind after the introduction and be , make unserious guys no gba you for inbox 😂

You will know the serious ones if you have sense, they don’t too much, they are not boys, they are ”.

Guess ? The post got over 20,000 comments from single and ready to mingle ladies. Most of them are self-proclaimed social media Feminists and Boss ladies.🤣

I was literally dumbfounded. So men are the price at all? I thought y’all said men are thrash huh?😂

Well, I’m not tryna mock any of you, but y’all should better be calming down small small with media gragra. Allow someone to love you. Give relationship a chance, you’re getting old. Bye 🚶🏾‍♂️

Every Nigerian Girl Above 25 Is Desperately In Need Of Husband -DO YOU AGREE?

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