Hours ago, Political Father Mbaka called on President Buhari to resign or be impeached for incompetence, he said Buhari has failed.

He claimed that God told him to withdraw his support for President Buhari and prophesy against him. After telling Nigerians that God told him Buhari will come and save Nigeria, that Buhari is a glory to Nigeria.

In response to his call for Buhari resignation, Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Assistant, Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, took to his Twitter page and exposed/narrated how Father Mbaka came to Aso Rock with 3 contractors, demanding for contracts from the president.

But the question is, don’t he(Mbaka) deserve a reward for his supports? After he’s a political man of God.

Check this out!

Pantami is a Sheik. Father Mbaka is a priest. Both campaigned for Buhari and Buhari “won”. Pantami got appointment as a minister. Father Mbaka got “disappointment” for ordinary contract?

This is unfair! He deserve a reward too.

Garba Shehu VS Rev Mbaka.

In 2015 Garba Shehu was Atiku’s spokesman and dining with him while Rev Mbaka stood up and was taking bullets for Buhari amongst his people. Now that the Rev father has complained bitterly due to the presidents incompetence, Garba Shehu is manufacturing rubbish lies and throwing out in public. Garba Shehu is an olodo.

You see why I always call Buhari the father of tribalism and nepotism? Buhari should reward Mabaka, he worked for it.

Las Las na God go punish dem all.

DO YOU AGREE? Father Mbaka Deserve A Reward From President Buhari

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