How true is this…

Someone said,

“Most of the students in Nigerian higher institutions are already tired of Schooling. They just want to finish what they started”.

Sounds funny right? Well, it is what it is.

With the present of this country, it is safe to say schooling in Nigeria is a process of wasting half of one’s lifetime, to learn how to waste the remaining half after graduation.

Imagine a graduate being paid 30-50K monthly salary. After 3-5 years in , burnt countless candles, the starvation and a whole lot of shits? C’mon man, not funny.

And someone with ordinary Nepa Bill is at the top doing, earning salaries of over 100 PhD holders. Nobi juju be that?

Anyways, I’m not tryna discourage anyone from going to School o.

Also, School is not a SCAM. No let anybody deceive you. Education is very important in the life of every human being. If you can afford it, go ahead.

The truth is,

Majority Of Nigerian Students Are Tired Already, Some Just Wanna Finish What They Started


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