It seems kidnapping is the new oil well in Northern Nigeria currently.🤔

Hundreds and thousands of people (especially Students) have been kidnapped and released within the space of January till now. And millions Naira ransom were paid by the FG for their release.

It keep happening simultaneously and consecutively. Ómó wetin dey occur.🤔

This is beyond ordinary or politics but clearly BUSINESS. These Northerners are using our heads in this country. Instead of eliminating the Terrorists groups, they sympathizes with them, protect and give them more money for arms.

Where exactly is NIGERIA heading to? Who is the driver of this country, please drop me here.. I no wan go again.🤦

They negotiates with Northern bandits, but constantly kill those from the East, West and Southern Nigeria. Can y’all see how bias and hypocritical Buhari-led government is? So much hate, tribalism and nepotism. SMH

I don’t know for sure, but something tells me that,

Northerners Are Using Terrorism, Kidnapping To Extort Money From The FG -DO YOU AGREE?

Let’s hear from you all.

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