Not all song intros can actually add to the success of a song.

Music in most cases is about how relatable and retentive your lyrics can be starting from the intro to the very end of the song.

Looking back at the last 10years in the music industry, “Penalty” by Small Doctor appeared to be one of the biggest song with long shelf-life on the radar.

Personally, I feel the excitement of the intro alone made the song a big hit. That excitement that comes when you imagine a football player playing a crucial “Penalty kick” to throwing. 😂

I don’t know what you guys think, I feel “Won Ti Gba Penalty Lo Throwing” is the biggest song intro in last decade.

If you know a bigger song intro, I challenge you to drop it in comment section 👇

Do You Agree That “Won Ti Gba Penalty Lo Throwing” By Small Doctor Is The Biggest Song Intro In Last 10years?

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