DO YOU KNOW? Comedian Ada Jesus Is Also A Killer – She Killed Herself (See How + Video)

Who Is Ada Jesus?

Mercy Mmesoma Obi popularly known as Ada Jesus is a Nigerian comedienne, actress, content developer and single mother of one. She is popularly known for shooting her comedy in Igbo language. Born on 19th April, 1998.

In February 2021, Ada Jesus was reported to be hospitalized for having kidney issue.

On 21st April, 2021, she died after battling with kidney disease at 23.

Why I said she’s also a killer? Yeah she is!

I watched a 3mins video of her threatening to kill a young man called “Ken”. Bragged about how many people she had killed. Her anger is that the said Ken, accused her of fraud. In that video, she swore to kill the young man or she dies disgracefully. Guess what? She died exactly same way. DISGRACEFULLY!

Sometimes out of anger, we say things that’d destroy us in the future. There is power in a spoken word. Mind what you say..the TONGUE is power. It is not always village people most times. We also contribute to our misfortune knowingly or unknowingly.

What Video Below 👇

How could she say such a thing to someone? To the extent of vowing to die disgracefully if she fail to kill the young man. C’mon guys, that was too extreme!

I also heard that she insulted the drama king and self-acclaimed prophet Odumeje, the Indaboski Bahose and Lion himself. That she equally accused Nollywood actress Rita Edochie and Odumeje of staging fake miracles. Insulted/challenged some native doctors as well. Now some Nigerians believed the people she insulted laid curses on her, resulting to her illness and unfortunate death.

Well, I Richard Idasenibo does not believe in any of that! They are not God and has no power whatsoever to curse any human. The comedian girl was probably sick for a long time, but out of shame, couldn’t speak up for help due to her social media gragra.

But what if all she said about those people (Odumeje and Rita) are nothing but the truth? What if they truely stage fake miracles to deceive gullible followers? I mean, she was very close to them, so I believe she must’ve seen something.🤷 Anyways, notin concern me sha.🏃

On her illness/treatment, I think help came a bit too late. Wait a minute! I heard that financial assistance came on time, but her religious family members refuses to fly her abroad for treatment. Claimed that it is a spiritual sickness and as such, requires a spiritual treatment.

Now you can see how religion is fvckin with the brains of gullible Africans? How on earth is Kidney Failure a spiritual sickness? Anyways, I wouldn’t say that’s what happened..I only heard, so it remains alleged. But as a Nigerian, something tells me that she’s a victim of religious madness. In Africa, everything is spiritual. Lame thinking!🤦

Back to the subject matter, comedian Ada Jesus contributed to her untimely and unfortunate death. Kidney Failure is not her fault, anyone can find his or herself in such situation..but the delay, is her fault. The time she uses to seek for  deliverance Churches and forgiveness from the self-acclaimed spiritualist and prophet, would’ve gone a long way.

Ignorance kills faster than AIDS.

My prayer is God, may we never meet what is bigger than our financial capacity in life. AMEN!

May her soul find peace wherever she is. AMEN.

This should serve as a life lesson to everyone out there. Be conscious of your words about others and most importantly, yourself. The word of the mouth is powerful. When you speak, NATURE might grant your wish, good or bad.

Also before threatening anyone, becareful. Out of fear, the person you threatened might go ahead of you diabolically or otherwise, not knowing that you were only joking or said what you said out of anger. The end result is always disastrous. Becareful son.✌️

Have a nice day everyone. #Naijaloadite

Comedian Ada Jesus Is Also A Killer – She Killed Herself

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