You know some people say is the HQ of internet fraud, popularly known as Yahoo; but that’s not true in reality.

White people are the grandmasters of fraud on . Sadly, a lot of people don’t know this.

The rate of in the US is far higher than Nigeria and and every other countries of the world. But Nigeria government and the media gave out Nigerians to the international medias. They sees every Nigerian as a scammer now.

You can do some personal research before disagreeing with me. America have the highest cybercrime rate followed by India, China, Russia and others.

Don’t believe everything you see on social media. Like I said earlier Nigeria government and the media gave Nigerians out to international bodies and medias.

Where are the hackers that worked with Hushpuppi? Were they arrested and published on the internet like Hushpuppi? NO! They are cooling off in their countries without being tracked, arrested, charged or published on the internet.

I still remember the case of the American teenage boys that hack into Bill Gates, Barack Twitter account to extort people of Bitcoin couple of months ago, till today no international media outlets posted it. Did CNN talk about it? NO!

I’m not writing this to encourage or justify internet fraud in Nigeria, no no I’m only stating the obvious facts. #SayNoToInternetFraud

But truth be told,

The Rate Of Cybercrime “YAHOO” In The United States Is Fat Higher Than Nigeria -DO YOU AGREE?

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