In most secondary schools, if you don’t fear your teachers, you just have to fear the school principal.

That position of Principal to us then be like Major General Position in the military such that if Principal show up from far distance, everybody go compose 😃

As much as you may claim that you’re “Giran” in secondary school, you would not want to mess with your school principal.

Any student with a high degree offence must land in the principal office, and anything that makes you land in that Principal office if you don’t get suspended, your punishment will come with serious beating and hard labour.

Imagine that you’re a rude student in school how would you reply to this 👇

Since you can’t be rude to your Principal back then, feel free to be rude here. Nobody will beat you 👇

Everybody, Principal Is Coming – Reply As A Rude Student

Rudest response wins

Drop your comments

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