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FUNNY LIST!! Seven Set Of People You Will Always Find In Every Big Brother Naija Season House 😂🤣🤣

Hi Guys!

I was having a gist with a colleague about this new Big Brother Naija season that’s about to commence.

We gisted to the point that every Big Brother Naija season, there are always this five-set of people. 😂😂

This makes me think maybe they’ve been giving role to act on, is this a script? Why are they all taking these five roles every time?

Read with me below as I expose them all.

1 The SU

You see these people,  I don’t know how they get the registration form. Like are you not aware of where you are coming to?

Every season, there will always be someone to take up the role of OMO JESU. Mectweeee

2. The Arrogant One

I think these people are the selling point of the show, there is nothing you can tell me to believe Big Brother doesn’t deliberately tell one housemate to act in this way.

You will agree with me that, the host won’t disqualify such a person at the earlier stage. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

3. The One That Comes For Only The Money


These people dey always make me laugh, if you like use cutlass slap them, they won’t fight back.

They have already priced two houses for Lekki before coming in.

4. The Love Birds

Wetin concern these people with money? If you like put three hundred million naira for the price tag, they don’t care.

Their priority is that soul mate they meet in the house. Tell them to focus on the money that love will find them, they will see you as their number one enemy.

5. The Last Ase

These people no get level inside the house and no level as well from we the viewers.

On the day of elimination, they have already packed their bags for a corner, just mention a letter from their name, they don reach the house.

6. The Richest

There is no how we won’t come across these people because one must surely be richer than the other, no cap.

But we never see the poorest. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

7. The KNACKamorous 🍑🥒

If you see me online at 3:00 am, na because of these people I no dey sleep for midnight. 😂😂😂🤣

Their life no even hard, they already gained something even if money no enter.

Which Of These People Would You Love To See In This Season?

Drop your comments

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