Hello dear readers,

This is what happened. A friend of mine who is like a to me and has impacted my life positively in every way bought a new car. We work and live in the same neighbourhood so we go-to work together.

It happens that I do sit in front with him always while the third guy stays at the back. So , on our way back from work, the wife called for him to come pick her and when we got close and stuck in traffic.

I decided to vacate the front seat and move to join the other guy at the back but while trying to go my friend was like guy where u dey go.

I say I wan create space for Iyawo and he was like Wetin dey worry , sit down jor but I insisted and went to the back.

So when we beat the traffic and picked up the wife she was like why is the front seat vacant and my friend said.

He left the seat for you… The wife was like, please it’s wrong, that I shouldn’t have left.

I was like its your space and I felt it was the right thing to do, to join my other guy at the back before we get to you.

People Was I Wrong To Have Vacated The Seat?

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