A lot of people use this thing to catch cruise a lot on social but how many people have the mind to face it in real life.

You see Ehn, kidney no be earpiece wey you fit remove anyhow oo.😂

Although there are many assurances that one kidney can still sustain a man for long, that is why someone whose 2kidneys are damaged can collect one from a donor.

As you dey look for money now, imagine the offer came that 70million Naira cash in your bank account for you to donate one of your kidneys, do you have the mind to drop it?

For me:- I can’t do it oo, the thought that it is one kidney that I have left is what will kill me 😀

What About You? 👇

If You See Someone For Real Who Is To Pay 70million For One Of Your Kidneys, Will You Accept It?

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