Affirmative it true that we always claim that family is everything, they will never desert you bla bla bla….but my main question is, is your family always right in taking your top-ranking position of importance?

Many a time we have heard of family members betrayals just like friends do. We have heard of family abandonment of a sibling, we have seen a lot if times how jettison younger ones and face their own life…

My is an orphan with four other siblings. Who grew apart in other relatives houses. Everyone is now an adult.

She can’t seem to get over her emotional connections to her siblings, always claiming they come first even before her lover or eventual hubby or even the children she will birth…

Looking at the family, I don’t even see what is so special a sacrifice they have done for themselves.

For example, her eldest bro who earns over 600k monthly gave her a paltry 15k for a trip to sokoto for her NYSC.

A place she has never been to..this includes t/fare, feeding etc.

Her siblings would never feel like being around each other, except it calls for a serious Holiday like Xmas…there are many more I can’t list here.

WTF! My family have much more sacrifices for each other, yet we understood the roles new person entering the family love have in each and everybody’s life.

People are so two-faced in this country claiming family but don’t really care..for the ladies that will crop up on this thread.

First, ask yourself how many times have your brother bought you Xmas gift or birthday gift before you open your lying mouth

Mind you this is not to underscore, the relevance of family bond, but everyone that affects your life should be rightly placed where they importantly belong.

Is This A Bad Sign?

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