FIFA will reveal more details on Thursday about its plans to hold a World Cup finals every two years.

Some of the most famous former players and coaches in the game are meeting FIFA global head of football Arsene Wenger in Qatar over the next two days to listen to his plans for the future of football.

Wenger wants to change the match calendar so that there are major tournaments every summer and fewer qualifying games during the year.

Former England players John Terry and Michael Owen are among those who have been invited to Doha to meet Wenger as part of FIFA’s consultation process.

Although the proposals are set to be opposed by and clubs and players in Western Europe, they could prove to be popular in the rest of the world.

166 of FIFA’s 211 member associations voted to carry out a feasibility study into the proposals first put forward in March by the Saudi Arabia Football Federation. All 211 FIFA members are likely to vote on the proposals before the end of the year and if they are endorsed, the World Cup finals could be held every two years from the summer of 2028.

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