To be honest with guys, some upcoming artistes even if you plant atomic bomb in head, dem no go still fit blow.

Not a curse but a fact. I know of some in Portharcourt , the only reason they do is music is to sleep with different women, smoke and drink. Nothing else.

Now tell me, how such artistes wan take blow? NOT POSSIBLE.

An up and coming act and you’re not active on social media or work with some top entertainment platforms in the country, then what are you doing? How the world get to know you? Shay na ur papa wan blow you ni.🤔

Upcoming artiste tattoo and piercing don full ur body. If you no come blow las las nko? E don’t be for you be that o. You go suffer pass Job in the Bible.

Anyways, this article is for some upcoming artistes you already know, perhaps signed to popular record labels, but deep down inside of you-you know that they’ll never blow. WHO ARE THEY?🤔

Upcoming Artiste You Know That Will NEVER Blow Even If Nuclear Bomb Is Planted In Their Head Is______

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