Hello guys, how have you been, and how is your week going?

We are here again with our fun question oo!

Growing up was fun for most of us born in the 1990s.

We did a lot of things when we were children, some we dropped while some we are still involved in the act.

…. below are something I still do personally as an adult which I did while I was a kid:-

1. I pee on myself while bathing.

2. Peeing while in rain. This one dey sweet pass the one in the bathroom.

3. I lick my plate with my tongue after eating a delicious meal.

4. Sometimes, I forget to wash my hands after a sumptuous meal, especially.

5. I wear my slippers ‘banana’ style sometimes.

What Is That Childish Act You Still Engage In As An Adult?

This is not to judge, just for the fun of it.

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