Have you noticed that the Nigerian army and police P.R.O. are Igbos?

I was writing an article Nigerian Forces last night, but discontinued because I noticed something funny and fishy. Why are the Public Relation Officers of HQ Nigerian Army and Nigeria Police igbos? Frank and Jude Chukwu.

What could possibly be the reason behind these appointments? So you will dehumanize my people and still use me to debunk and defend it? It seems BUHARI too smart.

Also, when they dehumanize the Yorubas, they’d use igbo Public Relation Officers to debunk and defend it. Hahaha see game!

Well I wouldn’t be too sure tho. Guys what do y’all think?

LET’S TALK!! Why Are Nigerian Army & Police “Public Relation Officers” Igbos?

Let’s hear from you all.

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