Liverpool veteran James Milner has openly criticised the proposed Super League breakaway, saying he hopes it does not happen.

Liverpool are one of the 12 clubs to have signed up to form a Super League, which has prompted a huge backlash.

The Reds were the first of the 12 clubs to play since they broke cover, and Milner was vocal in his criticism of what his club are planning.

“I don’t like it and hopefully it does not happen,” Milner told Sky Sports of the proposal.

“I can only say my view, I don’t like it and hopefully it doesn’t happen. I can imagine what has been said about it and I probably agree with a lot of it.”

The Reds received a frosty reception when they arrived at Elland Road, and Milner feels the players should not be targets for abuse.

He said:

“The welcome we got at the ground tonight was a bit unjust. We are just here to play football.”

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