If you want to die young date someone from one of the 10 states on this list, and you’re not there with him or her.

In these 9 states, everybody dey literally f*ck everybody randomly.🤦🏾‍♂️

don’t write base on what I heard, but what I’ve witnessed with my korokoro eyes. She just dey whine my nipples, not knowing that I have friends around her area and they’re watching her closely.

One I decided to pay her an unexpected visit..if I tell you wetin my eye see ehn. Since that day I swore never to engage in anything long distance relationship. It always ends up in premium tears.

Heading straight to the list, If you want to die young avoid:

1. Akwa Ibom
2. Abuja
3. Lagos
4. Rivers
5. Enugu
6. Edo
8. Imo
9. Cross Rivers

Personally, I can’t date a girl who reside in any of these 9 states and I’m not there with her.

There are good and bad people everywhere, no doubt but when the majority is bad, the minority doesn’t matter anymore.

If you noticed, Northern states are not on the list apart from Abuja. You know why? Because when counting evil doers, you don’t count Satan.

!! If You Are Dating Someone From These States, You’re Still Single!


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