NL Review!! Is Adekunle Gold’s “High” With Davido His Best Song Since “Something Different”?

Adekunle Gold is one of the very few artists in the industry who have continued to evolve, try new things, and explore different styles.

Gold, who started out as an alternative singer at YBNL, has undergone a of changes in the last couple of years. Well, he did make a few pop hits before going completely alternative in 2018, when he dropped his “About 30” sophomore.

Since then, the young man has transformed into a bonafide afro-pop star and even did an album to mark that; “Afro Pop Vol. 1.” Without a doubt, that album was a success, commercially and critically. But that’s not all that matters.

For an artist like Adekunle Gold, what’s more important is the next project and the next. Especially when it’s pop and people quickly move on from your vibes. You gotta stay on top of the situation, create new hits, new stories, stay fresh. That’s exactly what Adekunle Gold has tried to do.

But you gotta admit, even the formula gets tired and everything starts sounding uncreative a while. His first single after the last album was “It Is What It Is,” a banger in its own right, but the hype was shortlived.

He followed that up with “Sinner,” a song that has his wife written all over it, and featured Lucky Daye (who no one in the Nigerian music industry cares about, trust me). It’s a jam, it’s a love number and it definitely did numbers. But the hype was even more shortlived than that of “It Is What It Is.”

It’s simple. “It Is What It Is” has a concept, the kind of concept that is reminiscent of Adekunle’s early days. There’s a lot of words of wisdom on it and it just oozes that alternative vibe Adekunle has been trying to shed.

Same with “Sinner,” which had a more calming vibe than most of Adekunle’s hits. Honestly sounds like a song Gold would do in his “About 30” days.

But “High” is just different. Very different. And since he featured Davido, that’s probably exactly what he was going for. Is “High” a very good song? Hell yes! Why?

Well, for one, it fits the new Adekunle Gold narrative. It works perfectly and as a single for his next album, this is a promise of something even more grand than “Afro-Pop Vol 1.

High” has an uptempo instrumental and ignores all that lyrical nonsense that inadvertently destroys a good vibe. It’s just a song you vibe to. It’s about popping Hennessy in the club, it’s about spending , it’s about high. Of course, everyone can relate to this. And that’s the catch.

In featuring Davido, Adekunle Gold is establishing his reach in the industry. There’s a remote yet distinct possibility that his next album will be star-studded.

Davido stunned, as usual, stealing the show by delivering the most catchy part of the song which is a brutish yet interesting “watimagbo” chant on the bridge of the song.

The last time Adekunle Gold’s song had this kind of effect would be when he put out “Something Different.”

Adekunle Gold is always redefining his art, evolving with his sound, and “High” is just the latest in his collection of fine music that transcends the box he started out in.

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