Now That DSS Has Declared Sunday Igboho Wanted, Should He Surrender Himself Or Keep Hiding?

This Buhari Government is out here to kill anybody who dare question their incompetence.

It is more important for Buhari’s APC government to witch-hunt people who decided to bring up an idea that reflects their incompetence to protect Nigerians rather than solving the security issues itself.

Attacking or arresting Sunday Igboho is more like oppression of the whole Lineage. It is therefore grossly unacceptable.

Sunday Ighobo Has Genuine Reason For Agitating For Yoruba Nation

Sunday Igboho didn’t just come up with the idea of Yoruba Nation, his people in Ibadan has suffered a lot from Herdsmen. His people have been killed, raped and massacared with government not taking any action.

Sunday Igboho as a traditional warrior took it upon himself to protect his people and also call for Yoruba Nation.

What is the Essence of Nigeria when a Fulani President decided to turn deaf ears to kidnappings and killings done by Fulani people to tribes?

It just plain make sense for someone like Sunday Igboho to call for the support of fellow Yoruba people so that everyone can stand together and fight for freedom out this unnecessary bondage called Nigeria.

Sunday Igboho’s Approach So Far In Calling For Yoruba Nation

In calling for Yoruba Nation, Sunday Igboho has been non-violent, all the Yoruba Nation rallies that have been held were all peaceful movement bound with awareness and sensitization of the Yoruba people.

Ofcourse, he needs to protect himself with his guards and foot warriors. As long as he has been holding a peaceful rallies and he has not killed anybody, the way he’s been witch-hunted by federal government makes no sense.

Just yesterday, Sunday Igboho‘s got attacked by DSS and Nigerian Army, 2 people were killed while many were .

Why invade Sunday Igboho’s house with fully armed operational squad to arrest him?

From the look of things, the Government just want to silence Sunday Igboho through organized assassination by DSS and Army.

Now that the assassination failed, they declared him wanted.

Obviously, a lot of things will be going through Sunday Igboho‘s mind now. He is only left with two choices, either to turn himself in or keep hiding away from getting arrested.

Should Sunday Igboho Surrender Himself To The DSS?

If he is going to be brave enough to surrender himself for arrest, he needs to get a strong legal team and also involve the media any day he is going to the DSS office.

He can even get people and pressmen to March with him unarmed while on his way to the office of the DSS office.

The public awareness of his detention will bring about safety for him while in DSS office because those guys cannot be trusted, they can kill him in detention.

Should Sunday Igboho Keep Hiding?

After being declared wanted by the DSS, Sunday Igboho might want to get himself more fortified with Jazz so as to have more power to stay hidden from DSS officials.

But the truth is, if DSS can attack his house the way they did, they can eventually get him killed in the process of trying to arrest him while on the run.

They will just kill him and cook up a lie that he and his men attacked them in a bid to resist arrest. Once again, those DSS guys can’t be trusted, they are over-committed to killing anybody.

Hummm!! It’s require a whole lot of courage to arrive at a decision between these two choices.

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Now That DSS Has Declared Sunday Igboho Wanted, Should He Surrender Himself Or Keep Hiding?

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