OPINION!! If You Were Desmond Elliot, What Would You Do To Stop Online Abuse?

Nigerian youths never seize a moment to forgive , an actor who’s now a politician holding a position in the Lagos state house of assembly

The Nigerian youths have been abusing Desmond Elliot almost every day since his speech over Social Media regulation.

Nigerians have been holding him responsible for everything that goes wrong in the country and the world at large. Why na? My people why?

is one of the greatest things that is affecting the whole world. Top European clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, and many more have decided to be inactive on their pages respectively until Social Media control it.

The likes of Arsenal’s Willian, Recce James of Chelsea, Aubameyang and so many players have deactivated their account because of cyber bully.

In Nigeria, we also need to caution ourselves not until we are been told.

We should also know that these people we are dragging are human beings and they are emotionally attached to whatever is been thrown at them.

Desmond Elliot tops the trend today on Twitter because of the divorce news of Bill Gates and his wife Melinda. How does that concern Desmond?

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Can you now see what the innocent politician is going through? I wonder how he will be feeling today seeing his name trending for negative reasons.

If You Were Desmond Elliot, What Would You Do To Stop Online Abuse?

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