Juju charms were in Sunday Igboho’s house and so what? We no longer have freedom of worship anymore?

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I previously posted how the home of a popular Yoruba freedom fighter and activist Sunday Igboho, killed some of his foot soldiers, arrested his wife, cat, allegedly stole his 2 million .

Talking about the juju vest and cowries they found in his room and displayed on social media. Those stuffs are not evidences and cannot be substantiated in court of law.

There’s nothing wrong having juju vest and cowries. He chooses to be a traditional worshipper. Is it a crime in Nigeria now?🤷🏽‍♂️

It is more like finding a Quran or Bible in the house of a suspect or accused.

Why they invade his privacy, took his cultural and traditional materials and cat away? As if that’s not enough, they posted it on social media, including his international passports and foreign currencies. WHY?

Please I want to know,

Is Traditional Worship A Crime In Nigeria Now?

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