Hello, fellow Naijaloadites,

Please sorry to disturb you with my personal problem I just feel it best I table the matter here.

Let me try to be short.

Please how do I tell my to go back to her house without offending or sounding rude?

I am a young guy, and she is also young too, currently, in my final year, she is a graduate on her own side she graduated last year.

She travelled outta Nigeria after graduation came back after 1 month.

Ever since she got back she has been in my house close to two months now and she is not even talking leaving.

I don’t even have my space again.

I can’t even go out with my , she’s calling for my attention.

It is choking me seriously I can’t even keep female friends because she is always complaining.

All my friends are now referring to me as a married man.

Please, How Do I Tell Her To Go Back Without Hurting Her?

.. Because I am exhausted.

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