Hello guys, a Naijaloadite need your help in getting something done. He’s a bit confused on what to do.

I have been having this thought of quitting my job to learn driving in order to pick up an UBER or BOLT job but the fear of getting a car on hire-purchase is always coming as a hindrance.

I am a family whose salary of just #100,000 is not even enough to cater for the family.

…. Before the salary even comes in, there are always debts that have been incurred.

Most times, I don’t even get up to #20,000 as a result of debts, and seriously I am fed up.

In fact, I think of suicide sometimes because I am so depressed right now. I have rent of #140,000 hanging on my neck too.

Please, Will It Be Wise To Quit To Learn Driving For Purpose Of Commercial Driving Job?

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