There is no offence that cannot be forgiven, and it is profitable to forgive.

Though, forgiveness sometimes may come with the forgiven denied certain privileges.

E.g. You might forgive someone who steals in your house, but may not allow such persons to stay with you any more.

Sometimes ladies who cheated may come back sincerely begging for forgiveness, but may not be accepted back even if they are forgiven, why?

(1) Some guys hardly believe that a lady who has cheated can change without going back again to cheat with same partner or so.

The fear or concern of a lady going back to cheat again might make some guys not accept a lady back.

Women are emotional beings, and they can attach emotions after .

Can you see the way some ladies try to connect with their EX again, even after having a good relationship?

(2) Another reason some guys may hardly accept or forgive their partner who cheated might be because of the imagination of how she might be having pleasure with the person she cheated

… and you know, some guys that sleep with ladies who already have partners do it with recklessness and probably some level of disrespect.

Many guys will not want a lady whom they have cherished so much or invested a lot on to be sexually used recklessly by a careless guy who doesn’t value them.

Many guys won’t want another guy to be bragging about how he slept with their partner.

Why do guys hardly forgive cheating?

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