I used to think that all these Commissioners, Ministers, and Governors commissioning petty and disgraceful projects are doing it out of notice until I saw the worst from a whole President of the nation

I thought those ministers usually do their thing secretly so the world won’t see it or talk much about it. I sometimes have the thought that they might be sanctioned if Mr President accidentally gets to know about their stupid act not knowing they are birds of the same feather.

It means all these Commissioners commissioning one borehole in a community of about one thousand people are really doing well like they deserve accolades.

I can still remember the massive bridge Desmond Elliot commissioned, check the image below in case you’ve forgotten.

Another useless politician shamelessly said “one good term deserves another” in his campaign banner, please take a look at the first good term he was saying below.

He even had the audacity to place his banner at the flood centre of excellence, I can’t blame him, his name speaks volumes of his work.

We have seen so many bad and stupid projects from all these politicians, they never feel bad about it I guess. But this one from Mr President weak me.

In this modern-day that every country is moving forward, my own country decided to backdate, see what we are celebrating.

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday 9 September 2021, visited Imo State where he commissioned a newly executed project. A flood control tunnel from a for that matter. Who do we offend?

Funny enough, I can use my salary to do this tunnel for free, and they will later tell they spent N760billion on this project, na wa oooo!

President Commissioning A Tunnel Shows There Is No Future For This Country – ?

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