It is no longer news that a bloody power tussle two cult factions has thrown the peace and serene environment of the into a blood bath. It all started when a student from the Department of Geography was murdered by a rival gang on Tuesday.

An anonymous student said there had been an argument the before between some members of the two warring groups which did not go well with one of the groups and led to an attack on the student on Tuesday.

On receiving the news of the death of their member, the rival group immediately mobilized and launched an attack on a student of the Fine Arts department who is rumoured to be a member of the rival group leaving him severely and hospitalized.

The school security men were not left out as the cultists unleashed their furry on one of them, macheting him in the head and leaving him in a life-threatening condition as a result of loss of blood.

Meanwhile, a statement on Friday by the Registrar of the University Mr Aniediabasi Udofia, urged students whose academic activities were still running to do so from their respective homes.

The statement reads: “The University Management has given a directive that all students residing in the hostels in the University Campus should vacate same before of today, Thursday, July 01, 20211 till further notice.

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