SERIOUS TALK!! Can You Take This Risk For Your Partner?

This Nigerian Lady’s story has been going viral on the Twitter space

She is a graduate and fully employed in a well-paid job in Nigeria. She’s been single for years and after finally meeting a soulmate, distance comes as the only hindrance to their relationship.

See what happened between them and what she did.

A young who is based in Ghana travelled home for the Christmas holidays. While in Nigeria, he met this beautiful lady, whom he fell in love with. She was sceptical because she wasn’t too sure if he was actually single, couple with the fact, he is based in Ghana.

Reluctantly she said yes, but they should remain as friends, to know each other properly. The dude was cool with that, they kept talking until his holidays came to an end. So he travelled back to Ghana, to resume work. While in Ghana, he texts or calls her on a daily basis.

They kept talking until she knew almost everything about him. She fell in love, and the young man reciprocated. They were longing to meet each other because they were both deeply in love. But there was a problem. She works in Nigeria, why he works in Ghana. Sam-5pm both sides.

They both agreed to meet in December when he will visit Nigeria next for holiday. This was in February. They had about 10 months to make this a reality Thinking face In April that year, barely 5 months into their long-distance relationship, he had a ghastly motor accident in Ghana.

He was hospitalized for several weeks, after undergoing bone surgery. Yet the situation never improved. His doctor said he needs to undergo more surgeries if ever he will walk again. This young man was relegated to a hospital bed, with no one helping him out.

His friends and colleagues visit him periodically to assist. He is 100% single and was living a modest life in Ghana, despite having a good job. His predicament became a course of worry to his girlfriend here in Nigeria, but there was little or nothing she could do.

She is 24, living with her parents, and working. How can she handle this situation? She told a couple of friends about her intentions to travel to Ghana, to be with her boyfriend in the hospital until he recovers, but they all discouraged her.

Some asked what will become of her job. Some told her to forget the young man, and move on. Moreover, they just met, and barely knew each other. That she is a graduate with a well paying job, she is beautiful and young, that better guys will come.

But according to her, the worst advice was from a friend who asked her a question.

How sure are you that your ghana boyfriend will ever walk again? Based on the pictures. Is she was comfortable dating a cripple?

That advice almost got to her, but she was already in love.

When a woman is in love with a man, she can do anything for him. She resigned from her well-paying job, packed her bags, and headed straight for Ghana. Her parents were mad and angry with her, even her siblings. They felt she was being manipulated or bewitched.

Who does that in this 21st century? Resign from a well-paying job in Nigeria, to go look after your boyfriend in hospital, in a foreign . After spending 4 years in the university, and one year at NYSC. But she did it, and she did it with her full chest.

She left Nigeria in July, after months of deliberation. This was few weeks after he had his surgery. She took care of him in the hospital, cooked, and fed him until he was discharged from the hospital on December 23rd. They went home, but he was on physiotherapy.

She took him there in the wheelchair, later crutches, and on foot, for good 4 months, until he was fully ready and feet. He resumed work, after spending a year and 2 months in hospital. In July of the following year, she returned back to Nigeria, after spending one year in Ghana.

Her family was happy to see her return. But she returned to the labour markets of Nigeria unemployed, after helping her boyfriend back to his foot, and retaining his job. Some of her friends mocked her, for losing her job because of a Ghana-based boyfriend.

She was hoping he will join her in Nigeria by Dec, but in October his transferred him to Alaska, United States. He will be resuming in January. & there is a provision, he can go with his spouse. He works in the Ghanaian oil exploration industry, & is very good at his job.

He was given a , to go and prepare himself in November, against his January trip. He came back to Nigeria, and went straight to his girlfriend, to . (AND SHE SAID YES) He told his family, about his intentions to marry his girlfriend that gave up her world for him.

The End!

BE SINCERE! Can You Take This Risk For Your Partner?

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