Today, I want to know how brilliant guys here on are….

Most popular phone brands are now building their own chatting/messaging app and it’s always preinstalled on their phone so their customers can use them to message one another instead of using a 3rd party App to communicate.

In fact, BBM was so popular during the days of Blackberry. The number of iPhone users using iMessage and Facetime to communicate runs into billions of people.

I think the Whatsapp issue (Facebook outage) really open everyone’s eyes and ever since then, Reports has shown it that more iPhone users are now using iMessage and Facebook to communicate among themselves.

So, here’s a simple question for you all 👇

BBM is to Blackberry ✅

iMessage is to iPhone ✅

Chatting+ is for which Phone?

Oya, you guys should come and show yourself ooo.

’s know the gurus here on NL.

Drop your comments

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