Vee Iye – “Young and Reckless” EP Review

I think I have a problem with reality TV thinking they kinda have an automatic spot in the music industry or whatever.

From Efe to Bisola, to Laycon, and who else, who has to force their music on us just because we watched them on TV for a couple of weeks. I’m always like, “excuse me, there’s been guys here who have been hustling for , kindly join the fucking queue.”

But sometimes I’m not like that, because the artists seem to be good enough. In which case I’m like “let’s give them a chance, let’s see what they can do.” I think for Vee, it’s the latter, for me. Vee, in my opinion, deserves a chance to prove herself, at least.

She’s brand , of course, and we don’t know her. So maybe we should really get to know her more? Or not? I guess all that boils down to her performance on her debut, which I don’t need to tell you came out last week. Sure, it hasn’t become the talk of the town or anything, but that’s not the point at all.

The point is, this is Vee’s probably only chance to let us know if she really got it. So question is, she really got it or not?

“Young and Reckless” EP

The 5-track EP clocks in at 13 minutes, and in that very short time, Vee is able to make a statement, at least. The project is eclectic but that’s just one of the many things it is. It is a beautiful project, too. Cutting multiple genres, sometimes all at once, the EP has the girl showing more than just talent. For instance, on “Do It,” the extended play’s intro, Vee fuses her sultry R&B vocals with hip-hop flows that tell you she’d excel as a too.

But there’s not going to be a lot of rapping here. Not from Vee, anyway. Laycon got that covered. Or wait? No, not really. Even Laycon is giving some Olamide vibes on “Enter My Head.” The collaboration is average, absolutely not needed. Unlike the Ladipoe-assisted “Forbidden Fruit,” a very erotic song that demonstrates the extent of her lyricism. She probably won’t be holding back much.

The pre-released “Show” is quite an all-right jam. It wasn’t on top of the charts or anything, but where it faltered commercially, I think the afrobeat “No Time” can excel.

The EP is cohesive and beautiful. It doesn’t tell us Vee is young and reckless, quite the opposite. Vee seemed quite experienced on this one and it’s far from reckless, this is a well-cut perfect project. Vee aced it!

Rating: 8/10

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