WHAT IF!! This Could Be The Reason Why You Are Still Broke/Poor (See This)

In your quest for wealth, this is something you MUST note down. You can only be wealthy according to the you play in.

Now let me explain.

An individual who sells items in a kiosk may not have a better chances of making more money than an individual into oil and gas business. One sells in units, hundreds and thousands. The other sells in thousands and millions. The individual who plays in the oil and gas sector obviously plays in a bigger market than the kiosk retailer.

Wealth is planned and it’s an accident. If you cut down palm 🌴 branches for baskets and broom, your income in the next 10 years can’t be compared with someone that buys and sell landed in the real estate sector or compared with someone who buys and sells crypto.

The bigger the market, the bigger money flows into it and the better your chances of being wealthy.

It doesn’t matter what you do, always consider to be a player in a bigger market. You can be a hair braider and still consider to throw part of your income on viable Crypto. The blockchain industry is a robust yet a growing industry.


Two weeks ago, I pulled over in front of a kiosk I used to buy gala, bread, sachet milk/milo, and the rest of them. When my friend saw me, he asked, “Richard na you be this? No, I no believe this is you” he concluded.

What am I to point out here? My aboki friend has been selling in the same kiosk for many years even before I knew him in 2010. He may not understand he operates in a very limited “money flow” market environment.

There’s a cap to what he can make daily or at intervals as profit. Remember, the bigger the market you play, the better your chances of making more money.

Let me round up by asking you this question,

H𝐨w Big Is The Market You Play In?

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