I’m the type of person that always mind my business in my place, even if my neighbours are quarrelling or fighting I won’t even come out from my house to talk more of separating them, but I’m on good terms with all my neighbours.

To cut the story short, a new neighbour just packed in new in my compound, this guy doesn’t talk to anyone and his door is beside my own door.

He has a girlfriend, every time he and his girlfriend will be disturbing me with noise whenever they are having sex, the girl will be yelling, yes baby! Hit me! Take away, my soul! Kill me! I’m all yours!

I have tried to reason this guy, he said okay he has heard, next time they will continue making noise again, I respected myself and mind my business since he doesn’t want to do anything about what I told him.

One day this my new neighbour was complaining to everyone about how his girlfriend stole his 150k, he said the girl lied to him about the place she is living in.

One beautiful day I travelled to a place and I caught the girl buying something in a shop, I hide, she didn’t see me.

I went to the store owner and asked about the girl she said she knew her house, I pretend as if nothing was wrong.

Now I’m back at my place I’m thinking if I should tell him or mind my business.

What Should I Do?

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