So I was just surfing the internet, browsing through the pages of google and I saw the Nigerian Coat Of Arm, it caught my attention and I begin to wonder how it has lost almost all of its identity.

Quick Check

1. The COA has a black shield with a Y or a pall shaped wavy line representing the two Rivera at Lokoja

2. The black shield represents the fertile soil

3. The two supporting white horses or chargers represent its dignity.

4. The eagle represents strength.

5 Green and white band represent the rich soil,

6. The flowers at the base (forgot the name) represent its beauty.

7. The motto unity and faith, peace and progress

So forget government, my question is, what are u doing to maintain the motto of the COA? β€˜Cos I know we will come here and start insulting the government first

When Last Did You Check The Nigerian Coat Of Arms?

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