World’s Richest Man, Jeff Bezos Returns To Earth After 10 Mins Flight To Space

Billionaire Jeff Bezos blasted into space on Tuesday, in the crewed flight of his rocket ship, New Shepard.

The world’s richest man was accompanied by Mark Bezos, his brother, Wally Funk, an 82-year-old pioneer of the space race, and an 18-year-old student, BBC reports.

They travelled in a capsule with the biggest windows flown in space, offering stunning views of the Earth.

All four have now parachuted safely back to Earth after their 10-minute, 10-second trip.

New Shepard, built by Bezos’ company Blue Origin, is designed to serve the burgeoning market for space tourism among the super-wealthy.

On this flight was the oldest who has been to space – Ms Funk – and the youngest, student Oliver Daemen.

“Congratulations to all of Team Blue past and present on reaching this historic moment in spaceflight history.

This first astronaut crew wrote themselves into the history books of space, opening the door through which many after will pass,” Blue Origin said after the capsule carrying the passengers touched down safely.
The mission marked another milestone in the space race started by private companies.

It was the first time in the history of a commercial company launching a privately funded and built spacecraft from a private launch range with astronauts on board.

The astronauts boarded the crew capsule 30 minutes before the launch and the hatch closed six minutes later. They experienced three to four minutes of zero-g and travelled above the Kármán Line, the internationally-recognised boundary of space.

Blue Origin’s recovery team joined the four-member crew to their return from space. The successful launch and subsequent touchdown made Wally Funk, 82, the oldest person and Daeman the youngest to have flown in space.

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